About Us

About Us

THE PROVIDENCE ASSOCIATION of Ukrainian Catholics in America

Established in 1912, The Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America is a Ukrainian fraternal benefit society and life insurance company. Providence provides its members and their families with affordable life insurance protection and mechanisms for retirement, educational and other savings.

Providence (“Провидіння” as it is known in Ukrainian) is also a civic organization that satisfies its members’ needs for fraternal and social interaction and for charitable and religious activity and expression.

Each of its 210 branches is composed of activists that volunteer countless hours to their churches, community, and other charitable institutions and pursuits. Providence is most proud of its role as an organizer, facilitator and supporter of these efforts.

Providence uses proceeds from its life insurance and annuity sales to support the Church, the Community and their charitable pursuits. It offers higher education scholarships and other fraternal benefits. For over a century, until decreasing subscriptions and prohibitive escalating costs forced suspension of this fraternal operation, Providence subsidized publication of the newspaper, “America”.

Why Providence?

You have a choice in life insurance companies; so why choose Providence for your life insurance and personal, educational, family, and retirement savings needs?

Fraternal Benefits: Capital preservation for the Church and the community.

First, unlike commercial life insurance companies, Providence preserves assets within the Ukrainian American community. Your premium and savings dollars will not only work for you and your loved ones, but will also help support the Church, worthwhile charities and cultural, artistic and social pursuits. You will be preserving the commonwealth of the Ukrainian community. (Interested in using Providence products to benefit your church or charity? Click here)

Financial Stability

Second, The Providence Association has been in business for over 100 years, surviving The Great Depression, two World Wars, the 9/11 tragedy and the economic turmoil of the new millennium. For years, Standard Analytic Services, Inc. has reported as follows: “…the analysis made of [Providence Association] is favorable in comparison with the aggregate averages of 25 of the largest companies [Aetna, Allstate, Hartford, MetLife, New York Life, Prudential, Travelers, etc.] in America.

Affordable Rates

Third, Providence’s rates are reasonable, affordable and compare favorably to commercial insurance company rates. Providence can also provide significant benefits to persons who might not otherwise be able to qualify for commercial insurance.

Personalized Service

Finally, Providence treats its members with the proper respect and attention that they deserve. You will never be saddled with administrative fees or loads. Every dollar will work for you and your loved ones.


Unlike the customers of commercial insurance carriers, Providence’s insureds will share in profits through dividends. Providence members can take these dividends as cash or as paid-up additional insurance. Each member of Providence owns a piece of the company and will be treated as such.



Providence Association Election Results

The Election Commission of the Providence Association issued the final results of the 2017 Elections for the Executive Board, Directors and Auditors of the Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America for the term 2018 – 2022. The Commission’s report …


Check your mailbox for your Providence Association Election Ballot!

Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America Election Ballots are being delivered to all eligible members by US Mail!


Welcome Very Rev. Andriy Rabiy! Вітаємо всечеснішого отця Андрія Рабія!

The Providence Association joins the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia in welcoming the appointment of Very Reverend Andriy Rabiy as Auxiliary Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia. Welcome and “Многая Літа”! https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1441761342543928&id=197564070297001


Excerpt from Providence Association Bylaws Regarding Elections

Attached below are sections of the Providence Association Bylaws regarding Elections. ELECTION OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY   Every qualified member of “The Providence” who is a practicing Catholic, of upright character, between the ages of 21 and 70, a member …