Providence Association will be holding elections this autumn for term 2018-2022

Specifications about elections are excerpts from the Providence Association’s Bylaws

  1. Every qualified member of “The Providence” who is a practicing Catholic, of upright character, between the ages of 21 and 70, a member of “The Providence” for at least three (3) years, and a citizen of the USA, single or married in the Catholic Church, can be elected to any office of the General Assembly of “The Providence” with the exception of the President/CEO, unless he/she has waived this right in writing. A member can only run for one position on a ballot.


  1. Only a validly ordained Ukrainian Catholic priest, possessing all qualifications, with a maximum age of 70, having approval of his bishop to become a candidate, can be nominated and elected to the office of the President/CEO of “The Providence”.


  1. DELETED at the annual meeting of the General Assembly April 28, 2017.


  1. The general elections of candidates to the General Assembly take place every four (4) years:


  • Any member possessing the necessary qualifications who has received at least ten (10) votes at a meeting of his/her Branch or has collected ten (10) signatures on his/her own from other members of “The Providence”, may become a candidate for a position in the General Assembly. The declaration of his/her candidacy must be sent to the Home Office no later than June 15th of an election year for certification by the Election Commission;


  • The names of all candidates certified by the Election Commission as well as voting regulations shall appear must be published in the official organ of “The Providence” and its website no later than July 1st of the election year;


  • At the annual meeting prior to election time, the General Assembly elects the Election Commission consisting of three (3) members and two (2) alternates, who among themselves will elect a president and a secretary of their Commission. The duties of the Election Commission will be: to certify the credentials of declared candidates, to accept all ballots cast in the general election, to verify their validity, to tabulate the number of votes received by individual candidates for each position, and to publicly announce the elections’ results in the official organ of “The Providence”.


  • In case of resignation, withdrawal, or disqualification of a candidate with the highest number of votes, he/she shall be replaced by the candidate who received the next highest number of votes in the general election;


  • Candidates for office in the general election may avail themselves of the privilege of using the official organ of “The Providence” to present themselves and their qualifications to the members prior to the election;


  • The Secretary/Corporate Secretary shall prepare a printed list of all candidates on the official ballot for the general election. The ballots are entrusted to the Election Commission. The Election Commission has the responsibility/duty of forwarding the ballots to eligible members by October 1st. A member must return the ballot, postmarked by October 15th, to the home office in the self-addressed envelope.


  • Also an explanatory notice must be clearly printed on every ballot indicating the number of candidates to be voted for each respective position.


  • Members can vote only for those candidates whose names appear on the official ballot;


  • A member who is financially indebted to “The Providence” for more than three (3) months, does not have the right to vote in national or branch elections; one must also be a member for at least one (1) year before he/she has a right to vote;


  • Each member of “The Providence” over 18 years of age is entitled to one vote and shall receive one ballot;


  • There shall be no voting by proxy;


  • Any ballot that is smeared, sullied, crossed-out or erased shall be invalidated;


  • A Member who fails to return the voting ballot to the Election Commission shall be deemed to have voluntarily renounced his/her voting privileges.


  • The Election Commission shall tabulate the votes received for each candidate no later than November 15th of each election year. The candidate receiving the highest number of votes for the respective office shall be considered elected to that office; subject to possible revision after hearings of irregularities.


  • Should two (2) candidates receive an equal number of votes for the same position, the outcome shall be decided by lot drawn by the Election Commission.


  • The Election Commission shall resolve all complaints received no later than December 15th of the election year and only then shall the Election Commission announce the final results of the general elections and publish them in the official organ of “The Providence”;


  • The Secretary/Corporate Secretary shall prepare and supply the Election Commission with special forms for tabulating and recording the results of voting.


  1. At the commencement of his/her term, each member elected to the General Assembly shall take the official oath of office printed in a special appendix of these Bylaws. Such oath shall be administered collectively by the Protector (or Co-Protector) of “The Providence”.


Term of Office of the General Assembly


  1. Members of the General Assembly are elected for a period of four (4) years, assuming their office at the Spring Convocation of the General Assembly following the elections.


  1. Age permitting, any member of the General Assembly may run for reelection.


Election Commission


  1. The Election Commission, which tabulates the voting results and oversees the election procedure to the General Assembly, shall consist of five (5) members. The ballots shall be forwarded to the Election Commission in the Home Office. Such ballots are to be opened, inspected, verified, and counted only at the special meeting of the Election Commission, called for that purpose. The final results of the general elections in all Branches shall be published in the official organ of “The Providence”.






















Check your mailbox for your Providence Association Election Ballot!

Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America Election Ballots are being delivered to all eligible members by US Mail!


Welcome Very Rev. Andriy Rabiy! Вітаємо всечеснішого отця Андрія Рабія!

The Providence Association joins the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia in welcoming the appointment of Very Reverend Andriy Rabiy as Auxiliary Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia. Welcome and “Многая Літа”! https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1441761342543928&id=197564070297001


Excerpt from Providence Association Bylaws Regarding Elections

Attached below are sections of the Providence Association Bylaws regarding Elections. ELECTION OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY   Every qualified member of “The Providence” who is a practicing Catholic, of upright character, between the ages of 21 and 70, a member …


Providence Association Election Committee verifies candidates

Report of the Election Commission of the Providence Association of the Ukrainian Catholic in America. TERM  2018-2022