The Gift of Love Life Plan (Single Pay)

The Gift of Love Life Plan (Single Pay)

Give Your Child or Grandchild a Gift from Providence that Builds Cash Value, Pays Dividends and Offers a Lifetime of Protection.

Less Than $1,000 for $10,000.00 or More in Value.  For less than what you would spend on computer games and other modern electronic games of “amusement”, you can give your child or grandchild a Gift of Love from The Providence Association. Unlike amusement games, however, this Plan (a Single-Pay Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance Policy) will help your child or grandchild all life long.

$10,000.00 or More Permanent Cash Value Insurance. The One and Done Gift of Love is a permanent (whole) life insurance plan in the face amount of no less than $10,000.00. It is fully and completely paid up from the very outset.  It protects your loved one and his current and future family permanently and builds cash value.. That is money that your precious one can leave in place for future tax-free growth or against which he can borrow at any time. Your child or grandchild can even turn the policy in and get back all of the premiums paid, plus more.

That is correct, within a few years after the policy is fully paid up, your child’s or grandchild’s cash value will equal at least the amount of the premiums paid.

Turn Less than $1,000 into $10,000.00 or more Dollars of Permanent Life Insurance (See Below Rates). When you buy a toy or a game, you never know if it will be treasured or end up at the bottom of the box, in a trash can. It is even more likely that the games and toys will simply lose your child’s interest to the next latest and greatest thing.

Compare that to giving a Gift of Love from Providence: Pave your child’s or grandchild’s way into the future. When your loved one is old enough to understand your consideration, his or her gratitude and admiration will truly last a lifetime and will protect future generations of your family.

Scholarship. Purchase at least $5,000 of coverage in order to qualify your loved one for up to $5,000.00 in scholarship monies for higher education

Other Face Value amounts available. Depending upon your family budget, you are free to select more or less that $10,000.00 in coverage.



  • Lifetime Permanent Protection
  • Fully Paid up from the outset – no future premiums
  • Enjoy the full scope of Whole Life Protection: cash value, non-forfeiture value, policy loan access, tax-free death benefit that will not diminish, and savings for education, needs, opportunities and retirement
  • Significant Cash Value Savings for the Future
  • Cash Value Exceeds Premiums Paid within a few years
  • Cash Value Continues to Grow
  • $10,000.00 or More Coverage for Less than $500 – $1,000.00
  • Qualify you Loved One for up to $5,000.00 in Scholarships


                                   Boys                           Girls
Newborn                   $650                          $520
Age 1:                         $670                         $540
Age 2:                         $690                         $560
Age 3:                         $710                          $580
Age 4:                         $730                          $600
Age 5:                         $750                          $620
Age 6:                         $780                          $640
Age 7:                         $810                          $660
Age 8:                         $830                          $690
Age 9:                         $860                          $710
Age10:                        $890                          $730
Age11:                        $920                          $760
Age12:                        $950                          $780
Age13:                        $980                          $810
Age14:                        $1,020                       $840
Age15:                        $1,050                       $870
Age16:                        $1,090                       $900
Age17:                        $1,120                        $930
Age 18:                       $1,160                        $970

(Rates for older ages and for lower or higher face values are also quite economical: contact us for additional rates or Click Here: For Single Premium Rate Tables)

With the purchase of a policy, we will gladly publish a photo in the “America” newspaper, along with an article introducing your loved one to the Ukrainian Community.



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