Whole Life

Whole Life

TIP: When your child reaches college age, your whole life insurance policy’s cash value becomes a convenient vehicle to fund tuition. The policyholder can use the then obtaining cash value for a relatively low interest rate policy loan. Your child’s policy can also be an invaluable resource for college funding.



  • Lowest Cost Permanent Insurance
  • Blends Economic Rates with Cash Value Savings
  • Permanent Protection – the benefits will be payable to dependents and beneficiaries tax free, regardless of when death occurs
  • Quantity Discount – The higher the face value band (See instructions) selected from the rate chart, the lower the premium per $1,000.00
  • Cash Value – a portion of premiums will be invested into cash value and will grow on a tax-deferred basis: These funds are available for policy loans, immediate cash and/or retirement savings
  • Broad Benefits – permanent insurance provides the broadest range of protection that is both economical and valuable. For very economical periodic premiums, all of the objectives of life insurance are met.
  • Level Premium – the premiums remain level and will never increase
  • Protection will never expire
  • Bonus: Paid premiums and savings will be recovered with an added tax free benefit bonus when it is needed the most
  • Dividends: available for most forms of permanent coverage in paid-up additions or cash
  • Non-Forfeiture Value – If premium payments cease for any reason, the member can use cash value to acquire either extended term coverage or a measure of fully paid-up


  • The Full Scope of  Permanent Benefits Offered by
  • Traditional Whole Life Insurance
  • Quantity Discount – The higher the face value band (See instructions) selected from the rate chart, the lower the premium per $1,000.00
  • Fully Paid Up in Only Twenty Level Payments
  • Afterwards, coverage remains in place permanently and cash value continues to grow with no additional premium payments – offers significant premium savings in later years
  • Builds Cash Value More Quickly
  • Extremely Economical for Younger Clients Who Would Like to Maximize Premium Savings through an Accelerated Payment Schedule
  • Excellent Youth Policy Choice for Our Youngest Members


  • Paid Up at One Time with No Additional Premiums
  • Insurance for a Lifetime – Enjoy the Full Scope of Permanent Life Insurance Benefits and Savings
  • Quantity Discount – The higher the face value band (See instructions) selected from the rate chart, the lower the premium per $1,000.00
  • Cash Value Equals Premiums Paid in Only a Few Years
  • Cash Value Continues to Grow without any premium payments – offers significant premium savings in later years
  • Excellent Youth Policy Makes for an Excellent Gift from St. Nicholas or for Christmas, Christeninga, Communions, and Birthdays




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