5 Reasons to Invest in Annuities and IRAs

5 Reasons to Invest in Annuities and IRAs

Providence Association Maintains a Good Annuity IRA and Roth IRA Rate - 3%

The Providence Association will ensure every investment counts. There are plenty of good reasons to invest in annuities and IRAs, but here are the top five. Let’s start with interest rates and a 3% guaranteed minimum is one of the most attractive in the market.


  1. 3.25% Tax Deferred or Tax-Exempt Interest Rate (Yes, 3.25%): Our 3.25% Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate is one of the most attractive in the market. Most tax-payers would have to find a certificate with a taxable interest rate (depending on your tax bracket) of between 4.00% and 5.00% to match the current growth of a Providence tax-deferred or tax-free savings product
  2. Enjoy “Triple Compounding”: (1) Earn interest on invested principal; (2) Earn interest on interest; and (3) Earn interest on the money that you would otherwise be paying in income taxes.
  3. Automatic Interest Rate Increases: The interest rate on Providence certificates, IRAs and Roth IRAs has the capacity to increase in response to future market interest rate increases.
  4. No Teaser Interest Rates: You will not get a good rate for a year or two and then be subject to minimum rates as low as 1% or 2%.
  5. No loads, maintenance or administrative fees: Every penny works for you.


Tax-Free Transfers from existing IRAs, Roth IRAs & Annuities may be arranged by Providence, if beneficial to you!



401(k), government, nonprofit and all other pension plan and annuity rollovers and transfers professionally arranged with no tax consequences.


Thank you for your patronage!

Eugene A. Luciw

Director, Insurance Planning and Savings & Retirement Accounts

eluciw@provassn.com ~ (215) 627-2445 (EXT. 211)

Toll Free: 1-877-857-2284 (ext. 211)



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