History and Mission

History and Mission

The Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America is the only Ukrainian Catholic Fraternal Benefit Society in the United States. It provides life insurance protection and social, economic and spiritual benefits to its members.

In the late 1890’s, as working Ukrainian people migrated to the United States with the idea of earning some money and eventually returning to their beloved families in Ukraine. Since these new immigrants did not speak English, it was natural that they settled in the areas where other Ukrainians lived. These new immigrants had a strong will, faith in God and their Church.

On August 6, 1912, Bishop Soter Ortynsky, the first Ukrainian Catholic Bishop in America, realized the needs of his flock and called a meeting in New York City with some of his priests, cantors, representatives of church organizations and the owners of the Ukrainian press from New Britain, Connecticut, who were at that time publishing in Ukrainian a newspaper called “America”. At this meeting, Bishop Ortynsky called for an organization on the national level that would be a firm supporter of the Ukrainian Catholic Church while providing financial services to Ukrainians living in the United States.

The name of the organization was chosen: The Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America. It had four primary objectives:

  • Moral – to sustain and spread the religious spirit of the Ukrainian Catholic Church
  • Material – to assist its members in case of sickness and to support worthy religious and civic causes
  • Religious – to strengthen the faith of Ukrainian Catholics by publishing newspapers, periodicals and books
  • Civic – to instruct Ukrainians in the history, culture and government of the United States in order to make them good and loyal citizens, conscious of their right, duties, obligations and privileges

The first Home Office of the Providence Association was located in New York City. However, after two years, the Home Office was relocated to 817 North Franklin Street in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where it maintains its headquarters to this very day.

Today, as in 1912, the Providence Association consistently provides its members with quality affordable life insurance, beneficial savings products and an avenue for participation in the religious, national and ethnic heritage of our forefathers.

Never forget this – the Providence Association is not simply an insurance company; it is a Ukrainian Catholic fraternal benefit society with a deep commitment to Ukrainians and to the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

As a fraternal organization, the Providence Association has no stockholders. Instead, every member has a voice in the management and operation of the organization and can exercise his or her rights by participation in local branch activities or by being elected to the board positions. Currently, there are more than 210 branches of the Providence Association throughout the United States.

The Providence Association has been constantly growing financially. Beginning with a mere $284.12 in 1912, we have over $30,000,000 in assets today. We are working harder everyday to build an even stronger fraternal organization. It is only with your membership that we can continue to grow and succeed in making this twenty first century greater and brighter day by day.

The Providence Association and the Ukrainian Catholic Church

Continuing the vision of Bishop Soter Ortynsky, the Providence Association remains committed to the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Most of our Branches across the country are co-located in Ukrainian Catholic parishes. As the Ukrainian Catholic Church grows, we continue to grow as new branches are being chartered to serve the needs of the parishes.

Whether a parish needs financial help for improvements to their buildings or a mortgage to build a new church, hall, convent or rectory, the Providence Association has always been there to help. Since its founding in 1912, the Providence Association has supported Ukrainian Catholic parishes and countless Ukrainians with financial assistance totaling millions of dollars. Annually, the Providence Association supports our Ukrainian Catholic Seminaries with financial backing to help the seminarians realize their desire to serve others as priests. Many other Christian and cultural endeavors are also supported on a regular basis by the Providence Association. The Providence Association is the only Ukrainian Catholic Fraternal Benefit Organization in the United States and has been specifically organized to support the Ukrainian Catholic Church and give a helping hand to the Ukrainian faithful. It is through the sales of life insurance that the Providence Association’s financial support of the Ukrainian Catholic Church is made possible. The Providence Association offers competitive insurance for any financial need or personal lifestyle. Our goal is to have every Ukrainian in the United States as a member of the Providence Association. Consider the Providence Association first when it comes time for life insurance needs.



Providence Association Election Results

The Election Commission of the Providence Association issued the final results of the 2017 Elections for the Executive Board, Directors and Auditors of the Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America for the term 2018 – 2022. The Commission’s report …


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Welcome Very Rev. Andriy Rabiy! Вітаємо всечеснішого отця Андрія Рабія!

The Providence Association joins the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia in welcoming the appointment of Very Reverend Andriy Rabiy as Auxiliary Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia. Welcome and “Многая Літа”! https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1441761342543928&id=197564070297001


Excerpt from Providence Association Bylaws Regarding Elections

Attached below are sections of the Providence Association Bylaws regarding Elections. ELECTION OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY   Every qualified member of “The Providence” who is a practicing Catholic, of upright character, between the ages of 21 and 70, a member …